Friday, April 22, 2011

Frugal, Effective, and Green

Yeah, that's totally a title I would see from a crunchy granola mommy blogger. However, it's all true. Here's the story.

While continuing my spring/Easter cleaning I decided that I must pull out the bed skirt and iron it. Maybe I was afraid someone would "gasp" discover I store mismatched socks and wrapping paper under the end of my bed. Maybe I ran out of things to do. (Yeah, right.) For whatever reason I decided that I must get that bed skirt ironed and on the bed. So I started ironing. Then I was struck by the desirability of starching said bed skirt. The problem is that when it comes to ironing I'm on a strictly low carb diet. No starch. I don't like using it on my cloths, and the work culture out here (in the tech industry at least) is such that Allen wears hiking boots and jeans to work on a regular basis. So, there's no starch in the laundry cabinet. Since I really didn't want to spend 20 minutes walking to the store I decided to try my friend Google for possible substitutes. After all, most kitchens contain an abundance of starchy substances. Google told me that one heaping tablespoon of cornstarch dissolved in two cups cold water and poured into a spray bottle would do the trick, and Google did not lie. It's dirt cheap, effective, and keeps me from spending money on an extra can that will just go in the trash. I'm not the biggest eco-hippy out there, but it's fun when saving resources is this easy (and thrifty!).

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