Monday, August 15, 2011

another month come and gone

So here's it's been another month come and gone. A month of thinking and remembering and planning. I've made a few changes and made plans for a few more. I'm still thinking about how best to tackle some meaningful hunk of life and get it on paper. So, there's nothing fancy about it, but I'm planning on tackling Hamlet and Macbeth in the next week or so. They're major works of Shakespeare that I still haven't read. Doesn't look good when you're talking to someone about how much you love Shakespeare and their next question is "So what about Hamlet." (crickets) This happened on a phone interview once. Not good. It's time I swept the cobwebs out of my brain and got myself awake again. Honestly it seems like this whole process has been a series of re-awakenings. It's easy to think that the last insight is the most important, that pretty soon I'll start coasting my way towards Heaven, but I'm getting the suspicion that it's nothing like that. At least, if there's any coasting to do I can't really do it from right here. Guess I better keep climbing then.

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