Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We're rapidly winding into Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. This year I'm grateful for friends with cute kids, daisies, Aunt Kathy, two and a half amazing years in California, and the chance to move back home and be with family. These past years have often been difficult - we've had three grandparents die in a 12 month period and wrestled with finding a place in Silicon Valley's intensely driven culture, but we've also grown and explored in ways I couldn't have imagined three years ago. I've moved towards reconciling with my past and understanding who God wants me to be. We're finally in a position to buy a house. Allen has a job that is stretching him in all kinds of ways but that also excites him. It's been good to be here, and now it's good to be going home where we can be with people who really believe in family. I continually that God that He has given me such lovely in-laws who have loved me every step of the way. For all that I'll miss about California, you can't buy anything to replace people like that.

Thanksgiving Menu:

Hot Spinach Dip and pita chips
Mixed Veg
Brie and crackers
Russian sausages (this and the one above are being brought by my Russian friends. I can't want to try the sausages.)

Herb Roasted Turkey with gravy (this is the recipe I make in my camp oven the past couple of years we've gone camping over Thanksgiving. Why mess with a good thing?)
Sweet Potato Casserole (without marshmallows)
Onions roasted in their skins
Cornbread sage and onion dressing
Mixed baked beans with mustard greens and bacon
Steamed Broccoli
Korean Style Carrots (another offering from my Russian friends - she says it's not actually Korean :)
Rolls (still deciding that one actually)

Pecan pie
Apple pie
Pumpkin pie
...all the above served with mountains of whipped cream :)

Aunt Nita's Apple Cider
Sparkling Cider
Pinot Noir
Hot Chocolate/Coffee/Tea

Now I just need to get everything cooked and on the table :)

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