Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just a little motivation

Hawaii trip this Spring.

High Sierra backpack this Fall.

I'm still trying to get my head around these events. The high Sierra route is still a little tenuous, but we've got the tickets to Hawaii :) If that's not motivation to get myself in shape I'm not sure what is. The problem now is just breaking down the steps into pieces small enough for me to get my brain wrapped around them. Also, my MIL makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever. Hands down. No contest. Did I mention we're staying with my in-law's currently? On the other hand, she's something of a health nut, so I'm thinking that will balance out the cookies. Am I kidding myself here? I'm thinking that if I can't loose 15lbs for a Hawaii vacation I'm not sure what could motivate me, but then again I've learned my head can be a strange place. At least I've got September pushing me to get my rear in gear (most literally!) so that I don't just sit down and give up half-way from the summit of some pass. I'm hoping that if I can manage to think about California while I'm training and Hawaii while I'm eating I'll end up happy on both accounts. Just long as I don't reverse the two. I can scarf down the calories while I'm backpacking (can anyone say endurance sport?), but I don't expect Hawaii will be all that strenuous. Yeah.

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  1. You can scarf down all the calories you can hold while backpacking but bping food doesn’t compare to cuisine oh so available in Hawaii. Mountain House “very chewy” chili mac vs. ambrosial feasts. Good planning to visit Hawaii first.

    Are you speaking of the High Sierra Trail (beautiful & easy to moderate) or the High Sierra Route (beautiful but highly strenuous)?

    Have fun!

    Jim J;O)