Monday, May 7, 2012

Once a month blogging and a house update

Well despite all my good intentions I seem to be a once a month blogger. I have all these ideas swirling around in my head, but someone they never seem as important as sorting through over ten thousand light fixtures on Etsy (no, that's not an exaggeration) or researching ceiling insulation or just plain old crashing with some free entertainment from Hulu. Oh well.

As you can tell I've been somewhat obsessed with our current home remodel. Given that my energy levels have been approximately zilch lately I've been doing a lot more looking than doing, but the looking is paying off as well. Currently we've got all our stuff in our new house, but since we currently lack a kitchen ceiling we're back with Allen's folks :) Since the finances are looking good (thank you for quarterly bonuses!) we're going ahead with vaulting some of our ceilings and remodeling the kitchen. We're currently at the "measure everything for the 17th time and try to choose appliances and lighting" stage. It gets tedious. I fell in love with some soapstone countertops, and they're causing me to rethink how I spend money in/on the rest of our kitchen!

Bay Village Renovation contemporary kitchen

No those aren't my countertops (although I do have a red Kitchenaid). They're just the countertops I would like to have :) Unfortunately they aren't so cheap. That means trimming down on lighting and other finishes so that I don't feel like a complete chump for spending Allen's money on real stone. Scratch that. I will feel like a chump but only until the fabricators leave. Afterwards I'll be too excited to care. Seriously, that stuff is gorgeous. It's warmer and softer than a lot of stones, and it patinas wonderfully with time. I've even got Allen mostly convinced :)

So that's my life right now. While I'm sitting here I'm going to try and crank out some scheduled posts to fill in the gaps instead of falling off the face of the earth for a month at a time. It's just easy to get tunnel vision though when your wishes and your purse are slightly at odds. I've discovered the cheap hussies of the lighting world (six months later you wish you hadn't) and the classy grande dames (they wear well, but the initial investment is considerable). Now I'm looking for the thrifty housewife of chandeliers - unpretentious, wears well, undemanding. And for some reason I'm reminded of the phrase "her worth is far above rubies." Guess I might have to let the hussies and the grande dames fight it out after all cause I sure don't have any rubies!

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