Friday, May 25, 2012

This old house

It feels like we just sort of tumbled into this whole remodel. At first we were only going to do the master suite so we could get moved in and figure out exactly what we wanted to do with the kitchen and main living areas (and save up a little money). My father-in-law had other things we was working on at the time, and we were hoping that we could put together a place where we could stay while work was being done in other parts of the house. Well the bonuses came through in spades, so it turned out that we had the money and my FIL had the time. We didn't have a completed master bedroom, but he started knocking down some walls in the living room and pulling out the ceiling anyway - the reasoning being that since fiberglass insulation gets everywhere it would be better to get the mess done before we start finishing off areas of the house. So we grabbed a few things and hightailed it back to Allen's folk's house where we are (again) inhabiting their spare bedroom. You see the master has it's own exterior door (and bathroom) so we could come and go in that part of the house even with work being done elsewhere. With a camp stove, a fridge, and few local restaurants we hoped to make out ok in our own place. But it's not done. Also, Allen and I did some tests on food allergens and both came up with a hefty list of things NOT TO EAT which means that life isn't as simple as eating as many gyro wraps as I want. In an ideal world we get retested and find out that we can add everything back into our diet - even if on an occasional, rotating basis- but that seems rather unlikely. And yes that's stressful. We're remodeling, staying with Allen's parents, dealing with a rather strict new diet, and trying to figure out what physical issues have kept us from having kids. Is that enough for one month? I firmly believe that nearly 90% of my health is emotional, and honestly I've felt pretty darn bad lately. This is just my life right now. I'm back at that "sleep through everything" stage I thought I'd left behind me. I suppose it's good to know that it's still there so maybe I can work on finding ways to avoid it. However I have to admit that I'm starting to get twinges of regret that we didn't buy one of our other top 3 houses with a working kitchen and very little need for remodeling. I'd probably be finished painting it by now :)

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