Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sneak peek

Just a phone picture I took of our progress getting our house put back together. My father-in-law had some of his guys prep the walls and ceilings (think painted over wall paper and a poorly mudded ceiling), but I'm tackling the painting myself. Although he gave us a quote to have his guys prime it for us the savings are enough for me to get the chandelier I want. You might say I have some motivation :) I have to say that painting the ceiling isn't actually that hard.

Speaking of painting, do you think I tried enough samples? I've got ten different yellow oranges, three blues for the kitchen, and four more lighter blues for the living/dining room. Plus three more colors I mixed from some of the samples. I think we've decided though. Fortunately Allen and I seen to have similar taste. The only question is whether the ceiling paint is too dark. It throws of these wonderful purple and golden tones as the light changes, but I'm wondering if I should go a shade lighter. Any thoughts?

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