Sunday, October 28, 2012

This is why I haven't been posting this past week - well that and I was sick for a couple days. My cousin is having twins, and I ended up scrambling to finish these blankets before her shower this last Saturday. I ended up using this pattern from Stitch Nation and just tweaking the color repeats slightly when I went from one blanket to the next. As beautifully as the rows knit up it's one of the easiest patterns I've used. There are just four stitches in the whole blanket: knit, purl, yarn-over, and knit-three-together. Easy peasy and super cute. It was really the colors that caught my eye though. Pastels can be adorable for babies, but the vibrant stripes are so fun and eye catching. They also work well when you don't know if you're knitting for a girl or a boy. In my case I found out most of the way through the first blanket. Considering that I punctuated my knitting with rounds of bookcase building, curtain hanging, and lots of cooking for guests it's probably a good thing I didn't put my knitting off any later! Domestic scatterbrain. That's me.

This next week I'll hopefully get back to blogging more. I need to tackle our crazy town assemblage of partially opened boxes in the spare bedroom, and I'm hoping to finally sew up my kitchen curtains. Still, all deadlines are off for a few days. More blogging, more piano playing. Less staying up until 4am trying to weave the last of the ends into a baby blanket.

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