Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tis the Season!

As my dad recently commented to me, taking care of our house really is something like a full time job. This is especially true at Christmas when remodeling and decorating and baking and general housekeeping rise into a virtual crescendo of housewifery that drowns out the call of nearly anything unrelated to getting ready for Christmas. But now Christmas is here. The presents have all been wrapped and opened, and we've got a few days of quiet celebration before the rest of the family comes over for Christmas part 2 on Saturday.

So wherever you are and whatever kind of celebration you enjoy, I hope that everyone is having a lovely Christmas. And since I know there's a lot of pressure to get Christmas "just right" I want to remind you of something I've been telling myself for the past six or seven Christmases. In the end, it's all just practice for the celebration we're going to enjoy in Heaven. So we practice getting dressed up and being generous with our time and our resources and loving each other and having a grand time in the name of Christ. Yesterday kicked off the Christmas season, so starting tomorrow we'll have ten more days to practice. After Christmas is over we'll have another one coming around the same time next year in which we get to practice preparing all through Advent and then practice partying another 12 days. Every time we practice we'll get better and be better prepared for the day God calls us to come celebrate with Him up in Heaven.

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