Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Epiphany - let's get down to work :)

Firstly, I woke up New Year's Day with feeling sickish and have been rather down and out ever since. I guess this is what happens when you finally get a break from hosting/remodeling/traveling/decorating. Body says "Woohoo -germ fighty time!" And there I was thinking I could relax with hot cocoa, some old movies, and a few rounds of cards with Allen. But now that I'm feeling better I've started thinking more about how I want the next few months to go. A couple of those goals will affect my blog presence. Since blogger has give us some new tools I'm going to start experimenting with separating out some of my content so that it's easier to pick what sort of thing you want to read. To go with that I plan on putting out some new content - specifically more book reviews, marriage talk, and photography. Yep, I'm one of your three thousand friends who likes taking pictures and has a pretty non-shoddy camera :) Seriously though, my goal was to start taking, editing, and (hopefully) posting at least one photo a day, but I figured that since nobody wants to see artistic renderings of kleenex I could put it off until Monday.

So blog goals for the next 12 months:

Finish Created to Be His Helpmeet (seriously - I should probably get an award for most drug out book review) and move on to a few other books. I have ideas but feel free to make suggestions.

Post more pictures. Take a picture everyday. Post at least biweekly. Allen bought me a new photo editing software for Christmas so I really have no excuses.

Write more about marriage. There are some interesting ideas wandering around loose that I'd love to consider, and writing is a great way for me to do that.

The unwritten, implied goal, is to take this blog and my writing a bit more seriously over the next 12 months. This past year my brain has been stuck on "house, House, house, house, HOUSE, house" and I'm really thinking it's time to take a sanity break and focus on getting some more personal goals in order. After all, traveling and dreaming and writing are what gave me the inspiration to put this house together in the first place.

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