Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Still tired - still hanging around

Yeah, so this is a basically a place keeper post for all the cool stuff I've been wanting to write lately. I was hoping that last week would be a good week to get ahead on some blogging chores, but then I decided to try knitting a baby blanket in 5 1/2 days. Some of y'all might have wonderwoman flash fingers and be able to whip these little projects out over a latte, but for me that meant several days whose sole agenda consisted of "Eat. Knit. Repeat." My friend liked it though, so it's all to the good :) However, I do generally recommend against scanning your knitting stash and deciding less than a week prior that you're going to be starting a fairly significant project.

Oh, and the fatigue is still clinging to my legs and slowing me down. Not to worry though! The good medical folks I know had some good suggestions, and I expect things to start clearing up in a couple weeks. Possibly sooner if the rain will stop and let me get some sunshine. Rainy, cloudy days will put me to sleep under the best of circumstances.

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