Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cold Toes and Warm Memories

Yep, I should be finishing up packing for our trip, but in the course of checking the weather I unearthed a memory I just wanted to splotch up on the old blog for everyone to see.

So when you're planning for two trips in one (a vacation in one place followed by a conference in another) things like exactly how many sundresses you have to have for the beach and whether your wool coat is strictly necessary for upper 40's weather become rather important because it's times like these you realize that even "light" packers can rapidly run out of luggage space. On one hand you really want to bring that cute sundress, and on the other hand you really don't want to be standing around San Francisco freezing your knees because some bright eyed male (aka the species that doesn't admit to cold) mistook when the bus would be stopping by your corner. But, as I pointed out to Allen, if this were Yosemite in late October after a long evening's drive up through the mountains I'd probably be jumping around in my jeans and chacos and a lone cotton sweatshirt complaining about the cold and too excited to stop and put on warmer clothes because the payoff is climbing into your nice warm down sleeping bag and pulling on some thick wool socks and listening to the wind and feeling the cold air on your cheeks as you snug your sleeping bag up around you and reflect on what a very nice thing it is to be the luckiest girl in the world. Or maybe you're reflecting on that one rock that managed to hide out under your back. Same thing :)

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