Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All wore out

Here's something most exercise enthusiasts don't point out - any days that you can spend gardening/painting/pulling up carpet/etc are days where sore muscles actually result in getting things accomplished. What I am doing still awake I am not sure. And tomorrow I get to do it some more =)

But before I toddle off to brush my teeth a few observations on body image. When I was a good 30-40lbs lighter I used to think (not unsurprisingly) that I was rather overweight. My mom had (has?) something of a phobia of overweight people - somewhat understandably so, but you see where I'm going with this. When I was a teenager/college student I tended to have a yo-yo-ing body image. On one hand my mom was making jokes about me at the pool, but on the other hand I could see that I was reasonably fit and attractive. Enter another 40lbs, and I still have the exact same problem. You might say that I look exactly how I thought I looked when I wasn't overweight. On one hand I do often feel overweight (which is the truth), but then again there are times when I feel much as I did when I younger (to the tune of "Eh, it's not that bad). While I do want to feel good about the way I look there I times when I just wish for accuracy. That way maybe I'd be actually motivated to lose the weight and then, Lord willing, when I lost I'd actually be able to see that I had.

Anyone else have similar problems?

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  1. I haven't followed your blog in a long time, but I was just wondering how your baby is doing? I remember your previous blog where you had been pregnant.. and then you never posted about the baby again.. Hope everything is alright!